Cat (ceruleancat) wrote in lucifen,

Mod Post: importing comm to dreamwidth

Dreamwidth is in the process of enabling community imports. In light of the ongoing changes and issues on LJ, we will be taking advantage of this opportunity. Once the option becomes available, we will import this comm to Lucifen at Dreamwidth.

(credit to xdawnfirex at ncis_fic. Rainne, thank you kindly for reuse permission)

What does this mean for me?
Nothing unless you WANT it to. This will not change the comm here at LJ in the slightest; it WILL however preserve this comm as an active site and archive over there.

What if I don't have a Dreamwidth account? Dreamwidth supports commenting (though not posting) via OpenID. If you want to comment on a post at Dreamwidth, you can do so by signing in to DW's site using your LJ username via OpenID. Any posts you have made here will show up over there with your LJ username attached. If you WANT a Dreamwidth account (I highly recommend them for many reasons), free account creation on their site is open until the end of the year.

I don't want you to import my posts to Dreamwidth.
Unfortunately, importing is an all-or-nothing scenario. If you don't want your posts imported along with everyone else's, you'll have to delete all your posts out of this comm.

If you have any questions, suggestions or worries, feel free to comment here or PM me. :)
Tags: modpost
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